Have a Toddler? Tips to Start Their Learning Now to Get Ready for Kindergarten

5 October 2020
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Even though your child is a toddler, it won't be long until it is time to send them off to school. Because of this, it can be beneficial to start now to get them ready for kindergarten. To help you, keep reading to learn some tips on how you can start their learning. 

 Make Sure They Know the Basics

There are some things your child needs to know before they start kindergarten. One thing they need to know is their letters. They should also be able to count up to 10 and know their numbers. Your child should know simple reading skills, such as how to remember a story after it has been read to them. They should be able to write their first name and be able to at least write some of their letters and numbers. 

Your child should be able to follow directions, be attentive to the teacher, be able to share with other students, and be able to express themselves. Make sure your child knows their home address, their phone number, and their parents' first and last names. 

You can work on these things throughout your day while they are still at home. For example, while you are cooking let your child help you with the measurements. Ask your child to name colors throughout the day or ask them to count things for you. Read a book to your child every day and ask them what they thought of the story when you finish. 

Sign Them Up for Preschool

Going to a preschool can help your child in many ways. Not only will this help them learn the basics listed above but will also allow your child to know what it will be like to be away from you each day.

When preschool starts, set up a routine for your child that you will follow each day, such as waking up at the same time, brushing their teeth, getting dressed, etc. Purchase a backpack for your child and help them pack it each night before they go to bed. 

The preschool should offer a variety of activities for your child to learn. First, the teachers should have teaching time, as well as things like playing games, reading books, making crafts, and much more. 

Following these tips will increase the chances of your child having a great kindergarten year. This is important as learning what they need to know will help them during first grade, making school even better for them. 

For more information about toddler learning, contact a local education professional.