Pre-Kindergarten Or Kindergarten: How Do You Know What To Pick?

12 August 2015
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If you don't want to put your child in kindergarten because they would be one of the youngest in their grade, explore pre-K options. If you still need to have childcare, you may be able to find a program that offers both programs.

There are a few things you want to consider before you choose a facility, and before you make the decision to keep your child out of kindergarten. Talk with the potential kindergarten school and the pre-K facility about the following things.

Kindergarten Screening

Most school districts and preschools or daycares will do kindergarten screening. This is where education professionals will screen a child to see if they have the academic, motor, physical and social skills to go to kindergarten. If your child has the screening done and you're told that they have areas where they are behind and need to work on, it's best to hold your child back for a year so they enter kindergarten fully prepared.

Current Social Assessment

Maturity has a lot to do with your child's success in kindergarten. If their current educator or childcare provider thinks they may not do well going to kindergarten at their young age, this is something you have to take into consideration before you sign them up. If you think the child would be better with another year to mature, and play with other children during the day instead of going to school and having strict regimen, pre-K is the best choice.

If your child has a problem getting along with other children because of possessiveness, they can't properly communicate all of their needs, and they act shy and withdrawal from others, pre-K may be the better path for you. It can be difficult for medical professional to determine if your child should go to kindergarten or not, but there are signs that your child should be held back.

If you are going back and forth about whether your child is ready for kindergarten or not, holding them back is the best way to be safe instead of sorry, if you don't want to have your child repeat kindergarten. Pre-K options are going to help your child continue to grow emotionally and academically throughout the day, but there is going to be more free time and fun, as opposed to a more scheduled curriculum and different standards in kindergarten. Talk with the different educators to learn more and make your decision. Small World Early Learning & Development Center is a local business you can go to for more information.