Beyond The ABCs; Five Benefits Of Preschool You Haven't Considered

7 July 2015
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Kids who are 3, 4 and 5 years old are always learning something new, and preschool is a place where academic concepts are first presented and where children learn the basics of school such as walking in a line and listening when the teacher is talking. Have you considered the many additional benefits of sending a child to preschool beyond letters, numbers and colors? Here are five hidden ways preschool benefits children. 

Brain Development

As a preschooler, your child's brain is changing and growing at an amazing rate. These years are a time when a child's brain is most open to learning, and this is why very young children learn languages easily and increase their vocabularies significantly each day. 

According to Babycenter, very young children use huge amounts of energy in brain development with the most energy flowing to the brain around age 4. 

Preschool constantly exposes your child to new activities, personalities and possibilities. All of this stimulates your child's rapidly developing brain. 

Cultural Learning

Preschool is a place where children are first exposed to a great deal of cultural knowledge. Songs, stories and rhymes that everyone in a community just seems to know are often taught in preschools. 

Appreciation for Differences

Preschool is a time when children are beginning to assess themselves in relation to other people. They begin to notice traits like hair color, skin color and gender. A preschool with ethnic diversity can help kids appreciate the differences and similarities they have to others. They begin to understand the concept of loving themselves while also respecting the differences in others. 


Preschool fitness is more than just time for outdoor play. Kids in preschool are learning that their bodies grow stronger and faster when they exercise. They are exposed to new sports and games that can lead to a lifetime of enjoying physical activity. ​

Negotiating Relationships

Preschool is often the first place where a child is confronted with developing relationships with people other than their family members. When kids share the same space, they must develop the ability to participate in the balance of give and take. 

Children in preschool begin to realize that they will naturally get along better with some people in the world than with others. They will begin to understand how to change their own behaviors in order to facilitate a successful relationship with someone else. 

Children obviously don't have to attend preschool to be successful in life, but preschool does offer many benefits that can help your child more easily understand the world and live in it peacefully with other. For more information, contact schools like Montessori School Of Salt Lake Inc.