Help Your Child Battle ADHD With A Personal Trainer

13 May 2015
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If you feel that you are always trying to entertain your child that has ADHD, you may want to consider getting them a personal trainer. If you have a gym membership or there is a local gym that trains children and teens, this could be what you need.

Finding an outlet for them is going to be great for their mind, and they are going to get healthy at the same time. Here are a few benefits of setting them up with a professional.

Exert Energy

Sometimes kids with ADHD just need to release some of the built up energy they have. Getting a good workout in after school can be a great way for them to release energy, so they can focus on their homework and other things they want to get done for the rest of the evening.

You may want to create a schedule when they work out regularly, and have them exercise before you have something important coming up, so they feel relaxed and less anxious.

Set Goals

Setting goals and seeing they can achieve them is a great lesson and motivator. If you child sees they can set fitness goals, like running a mile in a certain time, lifting a weight, or jumping so high, they are going to understand that they can set goals in other areas of life as well.

Talk with their fitness trainer about creating program worksheets, and having weekly goals so they can see their progress gradually, and so they can see how improving a little over time will end up helping them reach a big overall goal.

Learn to Focus

Children with ADHD often have a difficult time focusing on tasks and directions. At the gym they have to focus because of safety concerns. The trainer will work them on improving their ability to focus, so they can quickly and efficiently achieve their goals.

Clear the Mind

Ask if there are any yoga classes for children or teens at the facility. This teaches the children about spiritual peace, and how to clear the mind. Your child may also like being alone with their thoughts, and clearing their mind while they exercise with a trainer.

Look into the different facilities around you so you know which ones are going to be the best for your child, and which ones have programs that are targeted to what your child is interested in. If they like kickboxing, karate, or weightlifting, you should be able to find a program that suits them.

Talk to a group like YMCA of Greater Cincinnati to learn more.