3 Questions to Ask a Potential Caregiver

14 April 2015
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Finding the right caregiver for your child is no simple task. This is the person who will be with your child while you are unable to be there, which is why it is so important that you find someone that you trust and someone that you know will take good care of your loved ones. When you interview the caregivers (like those at Michelle's Academy), it is important to ask them a series of questions to be sure that they are able to care for your child. Here are a couple things you should ask before hiring a caregiver.

What Is Your Policy On Screen Time?

Screens for young children have become more and more common in our society. With tablets, cell phones, and TV's everywhere, many young children get way too much time on the screen. An abundance of screen time can lead to fits and disobedience in children. Before you hire a caregiver you need to be sure that they have limits on screens.

If you have already made restrictions on your child's screen time, make sure that you make that known during the interview process. Ensure that the caregiver can respect your wishes before you hire them.

What Meals and Snacks Will Be Given To The Child?

This is an important question for two reasons. The first is that you need to be sure that your child is getting well-balanced and nutritious meals and snacks. The second is to ensure that the caregiver has a way to deal with each child's specific dietary needs. Food allergies are running rampant and many young children have certain foods that they cannot eat. You need to ensure that the caregiver knows about each child's problems and can handle your child's dietary needs. This would be a good time to ask about how they serve meals, if they keep children separate who have special needs and what they would do in the case that a child were exposed to a dangerous allergen.

Do You Know First Response?

It is important that your caregiver know what to do in the case of an emergency. They should know CPR, the Heimlich maneuver and be completely child proof, such as secured furniture, locked cabinets, and no sharp edges, if the child is in a daycare setting. Accidents happen, and you need to know that you child is safe while you are not around.

By asking these questions you can be confident that you child will be in the best daycare situation.