7 Important Ways To Nurture Your Child’s Mind For Preschool

9 January 2017
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Preschool may look like a simple, cheerful gathering of little people, but it's actually a place where mighty seeds of learning are sown. Here are seven very important things you and your child can do from home that will give them a great advantage at preschool and beyond. 1. Take Up An Instrument You don't have to be a virtuoso, and neither does your child, but it's a good idea to just get involved in the process of learning music. Read More 

3 Steps for Helping a Very Shy Child Fit In at Preschool

3 January 2017
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Going to preschool can be a grand adventure for a child. Preschool is often the first part of a child's formal education, and it offers children the opportunity to make friends that they may keep for life. If your child is especially shy, you can still empower them to make friends and enjoy their time in school without worrying about what to say. Taking steps to help them fit in can lead to an even better experience. Read More