What to Do When Your Child Struggles in School

Beyond The ABCs; Five Benefits Of Preschool You Haven’t Considered

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Kids who are 3, 4 and 5 years old are always learning something new, and preschool is a place where academic concepts are first presented and where children learn the basics of school such as walking in a line and listening when the teacher is talking. Have you considered the many additional benefits of sending a child to preschool beyond letters, numbers and colors? Here are five hidden ways preschool benefits children.  Brain Development As a preschooler, your child’s brain is changing and growing at an amazing rate. These...

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Help Your Child Battle ADHD With A Personal Trainer

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If you feel that you are always trying to entertain your child that has ADHD, you may want to consider getting them a personal trainer. If you have a gym membership or there is a local gym that trains children and teens, this could be what you need. Finding an outlet for them is going to be great for their mind, and they are going to get healthy at the same time. Here are a few benefits of setting them up with a professional. Exert Energy Sometimes kids with ADHD just need to release some of the built up energy they have. Getting a good...

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Have A Child With Special Needs? Learn How To Choose The Right Daycare For Him Or Her

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When you have a child with special needs, finding a daycare to care for your little one while you are at work can be challenging. There will more than likely be many different daycare options available to you in your area, but it is important to make sure to take the time to learn about all of your options before choosing one particular daycare. The following guide helps you narrow down the selection to ensure you choose the best center for your child. Training You need to ensure that the center where you send your child has a staff that is...

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3 Questions to Ask a Potential Caregiver

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Finding the right caregiver for your child is no simple task. This is the person who will be with your child while you are unable to be there, which is why it is so important that you find someone that you trust and someone that you know will take good care of your loved ones. When you interview the caregivers (like those at Michelle’s Academy), it is important to ask them a series of questions to be sure that they are able to care for your child. Here are a couple things you should ask before hiring a caregiver. What Is Your Policy On...

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3 Things Your Child Will Learn In Preschool

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Preschool can be a very exciting time for many parents and children. This is the child’s first exposure to a structured schooling environment. As a parent, you might wonder what your child will learn in preschool and if they are ready to begin their formal education. Here are some of the things that your child will learn in preschool. 1. Social Skills One of the main reasons that parents put their child in preschool is for the social skills that they develop. Preschool gives your child a couple hours a week where they can be with their...

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